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Update Regarding Bus Routes from SVSD Transportation


During the first few weeks of each new school year, the district’s Transportation Department works to determine where there may be bus overloads or schedule adjustments needed – based on actual student ridership. Traffic flows the first few weeks of school are typically heavier than normal, and multiple construction projects around the cities of Snoqualmie and North Bend have also impacted route timeliness. As the Transportation Department works to streamline routes, we appreciate your patience and understanding.


This year, there have been several factors that have required some creative bus routing solutions – most notably at Mount Si High School – to support all students. These factors include the ongoing shortage of bus drivers, adding service to a 3rd middle school, and schedule changes at all our schools.


Consequently, bus service at Mount Si High School is taking place as follows. The majority of routes are on site before the end of school and depart as soon as they are loaded. A few buses arrive at Mount Si after picking up students from Snoqualmie Middle School. Due to the shortage of bus drivers, seven buses are taking full loads of SMS students home, before returning to retrieve Mount Si students. These routes are focused on Snoqualmie Ridge areas because the density of students makes these the shortest routes. Based on typical traffic patterns, these routes were anticipated to arrive at Mount Si between 15 and 20 minutes after school ends. Currently, some buses are not arriving until up to 30 minutes after school ends. We are hopeful that as students settle into their routines and traffic congestion subsides, the arrival times at Mount Si will be reduced.


In developing this plan, consideration was given to the fact that high school students would have the maturity and independence (more than other grade levels) to occupy themselves until their buses arrive, and could hopefully make use of extra time on campus after school. High school students may wait inside or outside the school until their bus arrives. 


How You Can Help…  Our drivers and routers are working hard to expedite delivery of students, as safely and efficiently as possible. In addition, there are a couple ways in which parents/guardians can help: 

  • BECOME A BUS DRIVER! The district is always looking for excellent drivers to join our Transportation Team. The job offers paid training, CDL reimbursement, benefits, part-time flexibility, a school-day work schedule and summers off.
  • Minimize car traffic around school transition times. Let your students ride the bus.
  • If you must drive, please give school buses the right of way. This is especially helpful when buses are trying to exit school bus lanes – at the Hwy 202/SMS loop and MSHS exit onto Park Street, for example.
  • Encourage your students to be on time for boarding their afternoon bus. Delays at one school can have a ripple effect on subsequent routes.
  • Sign up for Bus Bulletin notifications, which the Transportation Department uses to notify families when there will be delays to specific routes of more than 10 minutes.


Again, we appreciate your patience. We also apologize that this was not communicated earlier to help set expectations (and minimize frustrations) regarding afternoon bus travel times. 


SVSD Bus Fleet