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New District Budget Includes Some Changes in Fees


At the August 22 School Board regular meeting and Budget Hearing, the Snoqualmie Valley School Board of Directors approved the district budget for the 2019-20 school year. The Approved District Budget is available on the district website, under the Business Services Department.  


There are a few changes that families will discover at the start of the school year.  First, the district will pay for all seniors to be able to take an SAT college admissions exam, during the school day, at our schools. As announced earlier, by covering this cost and making arrangements to proctor the exam at MSHS and Two Rivers School, the district is working to ensure all SVSD students can experience this national college-readiness exam on Super Wednesday, October 16. 


In addition, the 2019-20 budget includes a significant reduction in school fees charged at the secondary level, primarily at the high school level. As a stated goal of both the 2018 Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy and the School Board, the district is excited to announce these reductions. Many lab and class fees, as well as fees for consumables and planning agendas, have been eliminated. These costs will now be paid for out of State funding for basic education. Extra-curricular costs are not considered basic education by the state and the district receives no funding for these programs. As such, extracurricular and club fees remain unchanged. Certain class fees related to program enhancements (music) or materials that individual students keep after the class or activity is complete (PE shirts, yearbooks, materials for projects to be made in class) also remain.   


Updated 2019-20 school fee lists: Mount Si High School, Chief Kanim Middle School, Snoqualmie Middle School, Twin Falls Middle School


While many class fees were reduced or eliminated, the district has approved a slight increase in meal rates at the secondary level. After reviewing meal rates of neighboring school districts, as well as the amount of local levy dollars used to sustain the current food services in the buildings, meal prices have been changed by 10 to 50 cents for paid meals and adult meals at the secondary levels. No changes were made to elementary paid meals, or free or reduced meal rates districtwide. Again, these changes do not apply to students who qualify for free or reduced price breakfasts and lunches. See a summary of the new rates below.


2019-20 School Meal Prices:

  Breakfast  (change)           Lunch  (change)

Elementary               $1.75                                 $3.25

Middle School          $2.00   (0.10)                   $3.50   (0.25)

High School             $2.00   (0.10)                   $3.75   (0.25)          

Adult                         $2.50   (0.25)                    $4.50   (0.50)

*Reduced K-3           no charge                         no charge

*Reduced 4-12         no charge                          $0.40

Milk only                   $0.40                                 $0.40


To see if your family may qualify for Free and Reduced Price Meals or to fill out a 2019-20 application form, please click here for details. A new application form must be submitted each fall to be eligible.  (NOTE:  If circumstances should change during the school year, making a student eligible for benefits, a family can apply any time mid-year as well.)