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Middle School Schedules Feature a New Advisory Course


Beginning this school year, each of the three SVSD middle schools will include a new Advisory course for all students as a part of the SVSD middle school program. The Advisory course consists of 47 lessons per grade level focused on the following topics: College, Career and Life Readiness; Community Building; Academic and Learning Success Skills; and Planning for High School. Students will meet in grade level advisory groups for 30 minutes, approximately twice per week, to engage in the lessons. Advisory is not a graded course.


The Advisory curriculum and course objectives stem from the collaborative thinking and planning of the district Middle School Visioning Committee, which included representation from all three middle schools. Members of the committee studied the developmental and academic needs of middle level learners, and planned program supports for students based on the themes that surfaced. 


The Advisory curriculum, which will be used in all three middle schools, draws from resources provided by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. Advisory lessons are different for each grade level and will build upon each other, from year to year. The purpose is to send students to high school prepared to take advantage of all opportunities that align with their interests and goals. Students will also have the opportunity to get a jump start on the High School and Beyond Plan, a Washington State graduation requirement, beginning in the 6th grade.


Parents, we encourage you to look at the curriculum and ask your child about what he/she is learning and thinking about as a result of class discussions and activities. This makes for great conversation in the car or around the dinner table! To learn more about the lessons, please click here and look for “Link to the Lessons.” There are a couple additional steps, but they are easy to follow. The majority of the curriculum comes from this source, plus a few additional lessons drawn from AVID resources will be added this year. 


For specific questions about your middle schooler’s schedule, please contact your counselor or principal.