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Thank you Classified School Employees

Message from the Superintendent:

March 11, 2013

Good Morning,

The week of March 11-15 has been designated Classified School Employees Week. Classified staff such as secretaries, custodians, maintenance staff, cooks, bus drivers, mechanics, technicians, instructional assistants, and specialists are vitally important to our effectiveness as a school district. In many ways they are the "backbone" of the entire school system. Without them, administrators cannot administrate, teachers cannot effectively teach, and most importantly, children will not be able to learn.

The efforts of our classified staff keep the Snoqualmie Valley School District operating efficiently and safely. They also provide critical support to teachers and children. Our classified staff ensure that students are safe, secure, and cared for from the time our students leave home in the morning until the end of the day when they return home.

Classified staff play a critical role in our success as we work together to provide the best educational experience possible for the children and young people who come to school each day. Please join me in recognizing these dedicated individuals as we celebrate "Classified School Employees Week", March 11-15.

Click here for the proclamation regarding Classified School Employees Week.

To our Classified Staff: thanks for all that you do to support our schools, our staff, and our students.

Have a terrific week!