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Superintendent Message: Celebrating Student Success

Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing graduation commencement ceremonies in our school district, as students crossed the stage to receive their hard-earned diplomas. On June 5th nineteen graduates from Two Rivers School were feted in a ceremony held at Chief Kanim Middle School. The following afternoon, ten students from our Transition Learning Center celebrated their graduation. And on Friday evening, Mount Si High School’s commencement honored 344 students who received their diplomas in an outdoor ceremony at the school.

The graduation exercise is the culmination of our work as an educational institution. It is a singular event that hails student achievement and grandly reinforces our sole purpose: to educate the young people of our community and prepare them for bright futures. The graduation ceremony is a time when students are celebrating a significant accomplishment, as parents beam with pride and staff members experience a feeling of fulfillment. It is a time when our students look forward to the future with optimism and wonder.

As superintendent, I find myself impressed by the aptitude and accomplishment of our students—they are truly amazing. I also feel a strong sense of pride in our schools and our school district. We are working to make a difference for the students and provide them the educational experience they need to be successful and achieve their potentials. Our schools at all levels—elementary, middle and high—are cultivating relationships, providing quality instruction, and challenging children and young people to grow, excel, and achieve.

Indeed, it takes a village! Everyone in the school community plays an important role in this student success story. Parents and guardians provide their children with a foundation of love, support, encouragement, and values. Family, friends and neighbors help shape a child’s talents, interests, and life experiences. School staff also contribute to the growth and success of our children in many different ways, ranging from the bus drivers who transport children safely to school each day to those who prepare and serve them breakfast and lunch. From those who keep our schools safe, clean, secure, and in good repair, to those who work to support teachers, serve parents, and guide students in classrooms and on the playground. Principals, employees at the District Office, and administrators work to provide leadership and support to the schools and the staff working inside them. And finally, the teachers, who work most closely with our students, instill confidence, deliver instruction, and facilitate learning to ensure every student progresses toward graduation. It is the effort of everyone working together that contributes to the health and success of our students leading up to graduation, and in the years that follow as they make a place for themselves in the world.

The opportunity to help shape children’s futures, and the responsibility that goes with it, makes working here unique, rewarding and meaningful. Thanks to each of you for helping make our Snoqualmie Valley schools the best that they can be. Excellent school districts — comprised of great employees, engaged parents, and supportive community members — make a difference for kids. How exciting it is to be a part of that!

Have a wonderful summer,

Joel Aune