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Contract Negotiations Update

As bargaining discussions continue between the district and the SVEA teachers’ union, we will keep our community updated using the district website ( as well as messages sent via email using our District E-News notification system.
While several tentative agreements had been reached between the bargaining teams over the summer, two key issues related to class size and compensation remain. Both teams are working hard to resolve these issues.
At the negotiations session Friday, August 30, the district’s bargaining team presented a new proposal that addresses those two issues. This proposal increases the district’s compensation offer to include a 1% raise in 2013-14, another 1% increase in year two, and an additional 2% increase in year three. The district also proposed specific contract language that sets targets for elementary class sizes, and provides additional compensation for any teacher whose class size exceeds those numbers.
The district offered to meet during this holiday weekend and all day Tuesday, in order to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The next SVEA/District bargaining session has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, September 4.
The SVEA team has informed the district that it plans to meet with its membership on Tuesday, September 3, at 4:30 pm to determine their next steps.
The district will provide an update Tuesday evening, as soon as possible following the SVEA membership meeting, to inform families about the teachers’ decisions. In addition to the communication resources referenced above, we will also send out a recorded voice message Tuesday evening to parents who have provided the district with their phone numbers.
The members of both bargaining teams are passionate about doing what’s best for our students and schools. We remain hopeful that together, they will be able to resolve the outstanding issues and get the school year off to a great start.
At the same time, we recognize that this time of uncertainty may be unnerving for all who care about our schools --- families, students, staff, administrators, board members, and community members alike. Thank you for your support and patience as the teams continue this important work.