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Mount Si Welcomes Exchange Students

Mount Si High School welcomed a group of 21 students who arrived from Gladbeck, Germany last week. They are part of a reciprocal student exchange program which invites German students to visit the school for about three weeks and stay with host families of Mount Si students taking German language classes. Then in June, our local students will travel to Germany to attend school and live with the families of their new German friends. The program is coordinated by Mount Si German teacher Edina Kecse-Nagy in partnership with a teacher from Riesener-Gymnasium school in Germany.

On Tuesday, the group visited Twin Falls Middle School students, and they are at Chief Kanim Middle School today presenting a video to students and answering questions about what school, students, and life is like in Europe. Homecoming activities and Halloween are offering some uniquely American experiences as well.

German Exchange Group
German students and their American host students on their first morning at Mount Si High
School, October 24, when ASB and Culinary Arts students welcome the group with a traditional
                                           American breakfast.

In addition to the group from Germany, three students are currently attending Mount Si High School on independent study programs for up to a year -- from Sweden, Germany, and Spain (pictured below). When asked: what is the most surprising thing you’ve encountered so far?... They responded: “Everyone is so friendly” and “That your government shut down!”

2013 Exchange students

Later this year, the school looks forward to hosting students from South Korea, Japan and Peru.