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Think & Drive Week Promotes Prom Safety

In anticipation of Senior Prom on Saturday, May 18, Mount Si students are focused on Think & Drive Week -- a long-standing tradition that urges students to choose safe options during this fun time of year. Several thought-provoking activities have been planned by the high school's ASB Student Relations Committee for the week preceding prom. The activities are intended to raise awareness around the risks and realities of alcohol use, to urge students to consider the impact that bad decisions can have on their lives and loved ones, and to encourage decisions that will protect their futures and their friends -- during prom night and other spring activities.

On Monday, May 13: Seniors Received Prom Pal Letters from 5th Graders

Watch the story that ran on Q13 TV that aired May 13-14 this week.

"Prom Pals" is an annual tradition at Mount Si High School that 12th graders look forward to each spring. For the past 15 years, high school students match the names of each senior student with a 5th grader in our district. Then the 5th grade students, who have been learning about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco as part of their health curriculum, write a personal letter to their senior counterpart urging safety at Prom. The letters are often very heart-felt, compelling, and sometimes entertaining, as 10- and 11-year-olds provide advice on the importance of making safe choices, and how to have fun at prom. Many seniors recall writing a similar message to their "Prom Pal" when they were in 5th grader themselves.

As part of this activity, the high school team selected one winning letter from each of our five Snoqualmie Valley elementary schools for a special prize. Each winner will select one friend to join them, along with the team of ASB kids, for a limo ride, pizza party, and day out of school to play at GameWorks in Seattle. Congratulations to the following 5th graders for their exemplary Prom Pal letters: Bella Mariani (CVES), Abrielle Zelek (FCES), Jolie Shelton (NBES), Ericka Mickelson (OES), and Amrutha Susarla (SES).

Prom Pals 3
Prom Pals 2

Tuesday, May 14: Fact Shared about Drinking & Driving

On Mount Si school's television broadcast to all classrooms, statistics and facts were shared with all students on Tuesday morning. The information showcased the negative impact of alcohol use on youth and how young lives have been lost or drastically changed as a result of drinking and driving.

Wednesday, May 15: Student Documentary Film Features Mount Si Graduate's Story

Film Production students created a documentary that tells the story of Rachel McNaul, who graduated from Mount Si High School and was the victim in a drunk driving accident. During second period, her compelling story of tragedy and survival was broadcast to all the high school students -- many of whom know her personally since Rachel now substitute teaches at the school. Check back for video to be posted soon.

Thursday, May 16: Think and Drive Outdoor School Assembly

Mount Si High School will partner with the Washington State Patrol and Snoqualmie Police on Thursday morning to bring a special program to all high school students in a school-wide assembly in the stadium. Among the activities, an obstacle course will demonstrate the impact of driving while intoxicated (as simulated through special eye glasses) and driving while texting, with the use of golf carts. Then on a more serious note, the special guest speaker will be Rachel McNaul, MSHS graduate and substitute teacher whose story was featured in the video shared with students on Wednesday (see above).

Golf cart obstacle course Rachel McNaul

Think & Drive Week sign