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Jeff D’Ambrosio Named as TFMS Principal

Superintendent Joel Aune recently announced to staff and TFMS parents that Jeff D’Ambrosio has been hired as head principal of Twin Falls Middle School, after serving the school in an “interim principal” capacity since August.  See the announcement to staff and parents below.
 Jeff DAmbrosio
A Message from the Superintendent...
January 21, 2015

Dear Parents,

For the past six months, Jeff D’Ambrosio has served as “interim” principal at Twin Falls Middle School. Today, it is my pleasure to announce that he will be serving as principal in a permanent capacity through the remainder of this year and in the years to come.

The feedback and commentary that I have received through a number of informal contacts with staff and parents during the past six months, has been very positive. I have also been impressed with Jeff’s performance through my observations of his work and the many discussions that I’ve had with him during this period of time. I’ve seen Jeff work diligently to make the transition of leadership at Twin Falls Middle School a smooth, productive, and positive one. His passion for teaching and learning, student-first focus, and ability to work productively with parents and staff are just a few of the qualities that I believe Jeff brings to the principalship. I am convinced that this appointment of Jeff will further perpetuate the infusion of dedicated, thoughtful, and visionary leadership at Twin Falls Middle School.

I know that Jeff considers it an honor to be the principal of Twin Falls Middle School. He has shared with me his deep appreciation for the staff, great enthusiasm for the opportunities at Twin Falls, and a commitment to work collaboratively with the staff and parents to ensure that Twin Falls Middle School continues to move toward the highest standards of excellence.

Thank you for supporting him during this time of transition, and for the support you will continue to provide as he leads Twin Falls Middle School in the years to come.

Best Regards,
Joel Aune
Snoqualmie Valley School District