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Thank You for Investing in our Schools

Results of the February 10 Special Election were certified by King County Elections on February 24th. It is now official: local voters have approved the Snoqualmie Valley School District bond measure, with an affirmative vote of 62.5%.

A Message from the Superintendent:

Dear Parents and Community Patrons,

On behalf of our schools, the staff, and the children and families we are privileged to serve, thank you for your generous support of our schools. What an exciting time this is for the Snoqualmie Valley School District and our community!

This bond is a significant investment in our schools that will benefit the community and its youth for generations to come. We are extremely grateful for the community’s endorsement of this measure and our schools. Be assured, we are committed to ensuring safe learning environments for our students, sufficient resources to advance their learning, and ample opportunities necessary for them to fully realize their potentials.

We are appreciative of the strong levels of community support that have long been a tradition here in the Valley, and delighted that the community has once again stepped up to invest in our schools and the students who attend them. We take very seriously the responsibility to be effective stewards of the resources this bond proposition provides and will do everything possible to ensure these projects are delivered on time and as advertised.

To the hundreds of volunteers who participated in the Snoqualmie Valley Citizens for Schools campaign to build support for the bond, we sincerely thank you for your time and passion in this successful endeavor to improve our school facilities.

We consider ourselves fortunate to work in, and for, a community which places a high value on the education of its children; a community willing to invest — in a big way — to ensure the children and young people receive the best education possible. We are extremely excited about the work and opportunities that lie ahead: constructing a new elementary school, rebuilding and expanding Mount Si High School, reinstating the 3rd middle school, and ensuring our existing schools are safe, secure, well maintained, and updated.

Thank you again for your support, and for investing in our schools. The future is indeed a very bright one for our students and this great community.

In Gratitude,

G. Joel Aune, Superintendent