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Say "Thanks" to a Teacher

During the course of our lifetimes, most of us had a teacher who shaped our lives in a big way. It may have been a teacher who challenged us beyond our own expectations, encouraged us to pursue a passion, or gave us the confidence to take a risk and think big. Many of us may have had a teacher who took notice in a particular talent, and then helped bring it out and develop it. Others may recall a teacher who was merely there to listen; a teacher who simply cared.
This week, communities across the country are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. It is a time to recognize those special people who dedicate their careers and lives to the education of this nation’s children. While parents are truly the child’s “first” teachers, classroom teachers play a monumental role in the lives of their students. They impart content, teach students how to solve problems, instruct children on how to work with one another, and inspire them to reach and drive for success.
In my visits to classrooms throughout the Snoqualmie Valley schools, I observe teachers doing outstanding work with their students every day. I see teachers arriving early and staying late to create and deliver stellar learning experiences for their students. I find teachers expertly coaxing out the talents and genius in our students. They perform daily miracles in their classrooms, which are often overlooked. The fact of the matter is, our teachers have never been better at their craft than they are today. Education is changing however, and our teachers are working very hard to refine their skills in response to these changes and new expectations. They are striving to ensure their students are prepared for success in a world much different than the one in which we live today.
This week, Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) groups and others will be acknowledging the efforts of our teachers and expressing to them their deep appreciation. I implore you to join us in recognizing our teachers for the essential role they play in the growth and development of our children, community, and nation. Take a moment to say “thanks” to a teacher in our schools, or perhaps a teacher from your past who made a lasting impact. I’m sure he or she would be delighted to hear from you.

Joel Aune