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CKMS Students Raise Funds for Nepal Earthquake Recovery

Chief Kanim Middle School (CKMS) students recently organized a fundraiser to help victims of the April earthquake in Nepal, an idea that grew from a classroom innovation grant provided by the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation (SVSF). Through a collective effort, the students raised approximately $308 by creating a school store where they sold donated school supplies.
“The kids were super excited about this project,” explained 7th grade teacher Paula Young-Keeffe. Students Jerry Zhu, Roman Postforoosh, Spencer Conn, and Bret Craig were in charge of public relations for the event and provided the following details on the project…
The idea sprouted with a grant from the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation. This grant gave Chief Kanim access to Flocabulary, a website that uses a rap style to present educational information in Language Arts, Socials Studies, Math, and Science. Every Friday, Flocabulary sends “The Week in Rap” which highlights the news of that week; the weekly report starts with a “Shout Out” to a school that enters the weekly contest. This inspired Mrs. Young-Keeffe’s two 7th grade classes to enter the contest. Not only did the students come up with the idea for a fundraiser to help earthquake victims in Nepal, they spent two weeks planning the activity and organizing donations, then another week running the event. A store was set up to sell school supplies during lunches for students who are short on: paper, pencils, pens, erasers, post-it notes and more. Six committees were created to start the event, manage the money, maintain public relations, keep inventory, set-up and run the shop, and document the process. The supplies began pouring in when a few students set up an online “sign up” page, which allowed parents to see what supplies they could donate to the shop.

In addition, the Key Club contributed to the cause. For every $5 spent at the student store, kids earned a free snow cone made by the Key Club on June 5. The ASB committee and Technology classes also helped with the store from May 26-29. School supplies that were left over were donated to the school office for CKMS students who may need assistance with supplies next fall. Proceeds from the event were donated to Planet Changer, a local non-profit organization.

“We really owe the inspiration for this idea from the Flocabulary program paid for by the Schools Foundation,” added Young-Keeffe. 
 CKMS students raising funds for Nepal  Students sold school supplies before school and during lunches
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