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Two Rivers School 2015 Graduation Celebration

On June 10, staff, families and friends of Two Rivers School gathered for the 2015 Graduation ceremony, which took place at Chief Kanim Middle School. This year, 26 students earned their high school diplomas from Two Rivers School.

Congratulations to the Two Rivers Class of 2015 (in alphabetical order): Liki Berg, Eric Brooke, Raquel Carmichael, James Cha, Jordan Cooley, Taylor Dahl, Jason Dodge, Jeffrey Dunn, Montana Hamerly, Zac Harmon, Maddie Hite, Corbin Johnson, Daniel King, Alexis Newcomb, Troy Ridgely, Shayla Rohrer, Marc Ronald, Sheehan Settlemyre, Breanna Snyder, Jagger Suyama-Sadler, Mikaela Swaims, Leeanna Tomlinson, Jessica Venters, Brian White, Grace Williams, and Muriel Woods.

Principal Amy Montanye-Johnson led the ceremony and shared a few highlights of the graduation and the past year:
  • Three students — Jeffrey Dunn, Mattie Hite and Muriel Woods — were awarded local scholarships. Special thanks to Snoqualmie Valley Kiwanis, Snoqualmie Valley Rotary, and the Robert B. Taylor family (owners of Black Dog Café) for their generous scholarship support.
  • This was the first year of the Two Rivers PTSA, which has worked to unite parents and community members in support of the school.
  • Leadership students have been involved in a harassment awareness and prevention program for the past three years, in partnership with University of Washington Prevention and Education Coordinator, Rebecca Milliman. This year, the students brought their message to other schools through compelling videos. 
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Congratulations Two Rivers School Class of 2015 Graduates!

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