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District Strategic Plan and Scorecard Focus on Student Learning

Each summer, the District identifies key initiatives for the upcoming school year that work to strengthen educational programs and improve learning for all Snoqualmie Valley students. To capture and monitor these efforts throughout the year, the District has developed two tools: a Strategic Plan and a District Scorecard. Both are updated annually and serve as working documents, to help focus time, effort and resources for making the Snoqualmie Valley School District the very best it can be.

Strategic Plan:
The Strategic Plan represents a five-year process that began in 2013. It was developed based on the core values of a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and great teaching. The plan is refreshed each year to build upon past successes, address current needs, and advance emerging initiatives. The Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap to help the school district prioritize and align efforts and resources to fulfill the District’s mission, which is to prepare all Snoqualmie Valley students for college, career and citizenship. The District uses the plan throughout the year to track progress and provides monthly updates to the School Board on significant accomplishments.
Strategic Plan brochure  
To learn more, check out the 2015-16 Strategic Plan brochure (the newly updated, 4-page summary available in all the schools), or explore the entire detailed plan (57 pages) online at: District Strategic Plan.
District Scorecard:
The District Scorecard provides a tool to help measure the effectiveness of efforts taking place throughout the school system to bolster student learning. The scorecard highlights some key factors that have been defined to contribute to successful schools. It looks at student achievement data and considers survey feedback to understand perceptions of parents, staff and students. Where possible, the District and School Board uses data to inform decisions and make improvements to better serve students.
To learn more, visit: District Scorecard.
Together, the Strategic Plan and District Scorecard help the District pursue its lofty vision: to become the best school district in Washington State by any measure.

“Our district ranks among the finest in the state. However, we are working to make it even better. The Strategic Plan and Scorecard help define and prioritize our work to continuously improve our schools and the District,” explains Superintendent Joel Aune. “Our teachers, administrators and support staff are doing outstanding work with the students in our schools. They have high expectations for themselves and their students. We also enjoy an amazing level of support from parents and the community — support that is very much appreciated.”