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Three School Board Directors Re-elected

Three school board members, whose current terms were set to expire in December, ran for re-election in the November 3 General Election. Congratulations to Geoff Doy, Dan Popp and Carolyn Simpson for their successful election results.
School Board Members Popp, Simpson and Doy
Snoqualmie Valley school board members, who were re-elected to four-year terms,
include (left to right): Dan Popp, Carolyn Simpson and Geoff Doy.
Geoff Doy, who resides in Director District 2 in North Bend and is currently the School Board president, will extend his service from 1/2016 through 12/2019. Doy began serving on the School Board in January 2012.
“I want to thank everyone who supported me in my re-election this week. I love my job on the School Board. The work is so rewarding and I am honored to be able serve the children and families in our school district for four more years. Since I joined the Board, I have witnessed the tremendous support that our school district has received from the community. With that support, and the untiring effort of teachers and administrators, we are continually improving all aspects of education in our District. I have never been more confident in the quality of education that every one of our students is experiencing at each of our schools,” said Doy.
Carolyn Simpson will also extend her service in another term from 1/2016 through 12/2019. Simpson, who also started on the School Board in January 2012, is currently the School Board vice president, and lives in Director District 3 in Snoqualmie.
Simpson added, “I am humbled and honored to be re-elected, and I am proud to say that our school district has been making significant progress. We now have a strategic plan focused on preparing all students for college, career, and citizenship and reducing our dropout rate. We have improved communications. And, thanks to the support of over 62% of the voters, we have set out boldly to make significant additions and improvements to our school buildings. I am energized to continue this meaningful work with our school board, our administrators, and our employees for our students and our community.”
Dan Popp, who lives in Director District 5 in Fall City, joined the School Board in December 2008 and will continue for another four-year term, from 1/2016 to 12/2019.
“I want to thank the community for the opportunity to continue to serve on the School Board. I am grateful to our schools for providing each of my five children with an excellent education over the years. And serving on the School Board has been a very rewarding way to give back to our schools, and help support the many fine educators who care for Snoqualmie Valley students each day. This is also an exciting time in our community. Thanks to voters approving the school bond last February, Snoqualmie Valley children have much to look forward to ̶  today and in the future!”
The remaining two school directors — Tavish McLean (Director District #1, Snoqualmie) and Marci Busby (Director District #4, North Bend) — are currently serving in the second year of their four-year terms that run from 1/2014 through 12/2017. Busby began on the Board in January 2008 and McLean started in January 2014.

More information regarding the work of the Snoqualmie Valley School Board (including director contact information, board meeting dates, podcasts of past meetings, district policies, etc.) is available on the district website.