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Students "Drop, Cover and Hold On" in State Earthquake Drill

On October 15, at approximately 10:15 a.m., schools, organizations, and citizens throughout the state participated in the 2015 Great Washington Shake-Out.
In the Snoqualmie Valley School District, all school buildings, staff and students took part in this concerted effort to practice the recommended earthquake response of: Drop, Cover and Hold On. In addition, many schools followed this activity with an evacuation drill, to practice emergency procedures. See photos below from a few of our schools in action.
Since most of Washington State is prone to earthquakes, participating is a great way for organizations and families to be better prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes. Over one million people from Washington State registered to participate this year, contributing to the nation-wide tally of approximately 46 million planning to take part.
For helpful resources to ensure your family is prepare for an emergency, and to sign up for next year’s event, visit
 Earthquake drill 1  Earthquake drill 2 at OES
 Earthquake drill 3 at NBE  Earthquake drill 4 at NBE
 Earthquake & evacuation drill at NBE 5  Earthquake drill at NBE 6
 Earthquake drill 7  Earthquake drill 8
Photos take at North Bend and Opstad elementary schools of students practicing
“Drop, Cover and Hold On” drills during the Great Washington Shake-Out.