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New Elementary Program Encourages Awesome Attendance

Research shows a direct and compelling correlation between student achievement and attendance. For this reason, the District’s Strategic Plan has a strong emphasis this year on improving attendance and educating families — at all grade levels — on why attendance is so important to help students learn and do well in school.

As part of the initiative to promote attendance and reduce absenteeism, all Snoqualmie Valley elementary schools launched a new “Attendance Counts” program starting October 19, 2015.

At each school, teachers will take attendance each morning in their classroom. If all students are present and accounted for, the teacher will display a letter outside their classroom door that works towards spelling out their school slogan. When a class has achieved perfect attendance for 12 days, they will complete the slogan, and earn an incentive as special recognition. There is no limit set for the number of times a class can spell out the slogan and earn the special attendance recognition at their school.

Elementary schools across the District will be participating, using the following school slogans:
  • Fall City Elementary - Falcons Soar!
  • Snoqualmie Elementary - Cougar Pride!
  • Cascade View Elementary - CVES Cubs Rock
  • North Bend Elementary - Panther Pride
  • Opstad Elementary - Opstad Otters
As a district, the first school to have at least one classroom in every grade level (K-5) complete their attendance slogan will be awarded with the "Awesome Attendance Trophy" to proudly display at their school. Upon completion of the goal, all schools will begin working toward the goal again with the hope that they will be the next to proudly display the "Awesome Attendance Trophy." This trophy will travel between the schools.

This activity is intended to celebrate, and improve attendance at school. Please keep in mind, however, that families are also encouraged to keep students home when they are ill. This will help preserve everyone's health and well-being at school. Please follow your school’s attendance procedures when your child is showing signs of illness.

For additional information on the importance of attendance and what you can do to help reduce absenteeism, please visit

Parent, thanks for support and efforts to ensure your student attends school every day on time. Good attendance helps sets them up for success!