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Introducing New Snoqualmie Valley Educators

The District hired approximately 100 new employees for the start of the school year ̶  80 of which are teachers! Please join us in extending a warm welcome to these qualified educators who have joined our growing Snoqualmie Valley learning community. Pictured below are those who attended two New Teacher Orientation sessions offered August 24 (for K-5 certificated staff) and August 28 (for teachers and specialists serving grades 6-12).

New K-5 Teachers

Newly-hired preschool through 5th grade teachers
Pictured above, from left-to-right, FRONT ROW: Shanna Thompson (SES 4th grade), Jennifer Vasile (NBES Full-day Kindergarten), Jessica Mitchell (NBES 5th grade), Rebecca Nowak (NBES Kindergarten), Megan Burch (NBES Tech lab), Carly Wilczynski (FCES 1st grade), Kaeli Johnson (FCES Kindergarten), Emily Frantz (NBES 3rd grade), MacKenzie Kerns (SES 3rd grade) and Crystal Batlle (SES 2nd/3rd Highly-Capable/STREAM). 2ND ROW: Lauren Liseth (CVES 2nd grade), Elissa Murdock (NBES 3rd -5th grade Specialty), Edan-Hoelan Gehman (FCES 4th grade), Kayla Supkoff (NBES 1st grade), Mary Harmon (OES 3rd grade), Carla Netu (NBES 2nd grade), Hanna Pearce (CVES K-2nd Specialty), Jill Wendlick (Parent Partnership Program K-5th grade), Kaylie DeWitte (FCES PE), Amanda Beekman (OES 5th grade), Amy Christensen (SES 1st grade) and Annie Collet (FCES 2nd grade). BACK ROW: Emma Wayerski (CVES 3rd grade), Abbie Bien (NBES 5th grade), Jaime Schultz (FCES Music), Barb Koefod (OES 4th grade), Katie Ingram (NBES K-2nd Specialty), Laura A. Thompson (FCES 2nd grade), Nicole Roberts (SES 2nd grade), Veronica Vande Kamp (SES 5th grade), Shanell Meredith (SES Counselor), Katie Coley (FCES 4th grade), Courtney Wilson (FCES 4th grade) and Heidi Ames (CVES Resource Room).

New 6-12 teachers and specialists

Newly hired 6th-12th grade teachers and specialists:
Pictured above, from left to right, FRONT ROW includes: Janelle McCarty (TFMS Language Arts 6th grade), Kelsey Zeutschel (Freshman Campus Math), Christina Garcia (TFMS Tech/Math), Anna Kerlee (CKMS Science 6th grade), Erica Healy (MSHS Enrichment II), Charene Gray (TRS Counselor), Rachel Leon (MSHS Spanish), Jolene Kallio (MSHS Special Ed Math), Anna Bellersen Lee (MSHS German), Samantha Randalls (TRS Math/Science), Ashley McIntire (NBES/MSHS Speech Language Pathologist) and Erik Bjorklund (TRS Special Education). 2ND ROW: Erin Taylor (FCES/SES Psychologist), Amy Hecox (MSHS/FC Math), Andrea Lim (CKMS Science 8th grade), Terry O’Brien (CKMS Technology), Dan Mancoff (MSHS LA), Haley Barber (CVES PM Kindergarten), Cameron Stohr (TRS Math), Marcella Murphy (MSHS LA), Lindsey Elgammal (MSHS LA), Tami Darrow (MSHS Science), Carolyn Tomson (MSHS/FC Math), Erin Treiber (District Occupational Therapist) and Jeff Ducar (MSHS/FC Science). BACK ROW: Sierra Rothlisberg (MSHS Chemistry), Courtney Fuller (MSHS Chemistry), Lynsey Woldendorp (MSHS Social Studies), Carli Sowder (TFMS Math), Grant Lowe (MSHS/FC LA), Jessika Barlow (TFMS PE), Joanne Chase (TFMS LA/SS 7th grade), Bob Mulligan (MSHS Math), Brook Brown (TFMS Science 8th grade), Curtis Betzler (CKMS LA 7th grade), Sarah Sarieddine (CKMS LA 7th grade), Katelyn Walker (MSHS Life Skills) and Erik Nelson (TFMS LA).

In addition, teachers who were not able to attend the sessions above, along with many new classified employees, are listed below (alphabetically):
  • Sara Birtell, School nurse
  • Stephanie Bradshaw, NBES paraeducator I
  • Shannon Bustamante, District Student Services secretary
  • Pam Chambers, Food Services director
  • Holly Cleveland, OES Kindergarten teacher
  • Megan Consolati, NBES paraeducator
  • Sierra Crowe, MSHS paraeducator
  • Karen DeBelllis, OES paraeducator
  • Shelley Duncan, TFMS Special Education paraeducator III
  • Marci Eubanks, NBES ELL paraeducator II
  • Ridge Farris, District mechanic
  • Kyland Fischer, CKMS paraeducator
  • Kristin Gainor, MSHS Resource Mngmt/Assessment paraeducator I
  • Renae Gieseke, FCES paraeducator II Library Support
  • Mary Haase, OES 3rd grade teacher
  • Maria Hendricksen, MSHS Music Program paraeducator I
  • Douglas Herstrom, FCES Special Education paraeducator II
  • Suzanne Hodgson, MSHS secretary
  • Anna Hoffert, CKMS Science teacher
  • Heather Ireland, CKMS Math teacher
  • Dennise McGregor, MSHS Counseling secretary
  • Michael Meyes, District bus driver
  • MacKenzie Mullen, FCES/CKMS ELL paraeducator II
  • Michele Possert, TFMS cook’s helper
  • Heidi Renedo, TFMS Special Education teacher
  • Serena Robertson, SES paraeducator
  • Teri Rogers, MSHS cook’s helper
  • Kay Ann Ruffin, SES Reading Support paraeducator II
  • Christine Satterlee, SES paraeducator
  • Brett Schmitt, District computer technician I
  • Susan Scoones, MSHS/FC Special Education paraeducator II
  • Michelle Shadel, NBES 5th grade teacher
  • Jennifer Stokes, MSHS Dance/Drill Team coach
  • Kristy Trabont, TFMS paraeducator II
  • Hillary Vance, OES paraeducator
  • Brenna Vukovich, TFMS paraeducator
This is the list as of September 3, however, the District is continuing to fill a few more positions. For more information on SVSD positions available, visit Job Opportunities on the district website.