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Secretaries and District Agree to One-Year Contract Extension

The District and the Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretaries Association (SVASA) have agreed to extend the current contract by one year. In December, the Board directed the Administration to offer the SVASA a one-year contract extension that would extend the current agreement to August, 2018. Following ratification by the SVASA membership, the Board of Directors formally approved the contract extension by unanimous vote during their regular meeting on February 25.

Following School Board action on the contract extension, Superintendent Joel Aune stated, “We are pleased to have agreement on this contract extension with the Secretaries Association. During a time when the State Legislature’s actions are creating a great deal of uncertainty for school districts and employees, the Board felt this offer would provide secretaries and the District an increased level of security and predictability for the next two years. We look forward to negotiating a successor agreement with the SVASA in 2018 by which time, it is hoped the Legislature’s actions may provide more clarity for the District and SVASA as we work together to address issues of common interest, including compensation.”

SVASA President Karen Seiser added, “The SVASA membership unanimously voted to accept this proposal from the District. We appreciate and want to thank the School Board for extending this fair offer to us, given the uncertain legislative times. We look forward to working with the District in the upcoming years.”

The agreement will extend the SVASA contract by one year (through August 31, 2018), adding a 2% salary increase for the 2017-18 school year to be paid starting in the 2016-17 school year.