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Reflections Art Winners Let Their Imaginations Fly

“Let Your Imagination Fly” was the theme of the 2016 Reflections Art Contest, sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley PTSA Council. There were 83 submissions this year from students in grades 1-8, among which 27 entries were selected to move on to the state-level PTSA competition.

At the reception for participants in January, all the works of art from 2016 Reflections Contest were on display for families and friends to enjoy. Congratulations to the following finalists (listed alphabetically) whose creative contributions will be considered among artwork from students across Washington State, at the state competition this spring:
  • Jonah Bacon-Gershman, 8th grade, CKMS – Film Production: “Tolerance”
  • Payton Beebe, 5th grade, FCES – Visual Arts: “Imagination Bird”
  • Maddie Beck, 4th grade, FCES – Visual Arts: “Imagine the Possibilities”
  • Katelyn Bevens, 2nd grade, CVES – Visual Arts: “Life”
  • Analise Chiu, 8th grade, CKMS – Photography: “Driftwood Daisy”
  • Makena Daniels, 4th grade, FCES – Photography: “A Pilot of the Sky”
  • Cindy Dong, 2nd grade, SES – Music Composition: “The Joy of My Heart”
  • Cindy Dong, 2nd grade, SES – Visual Arts: “Sunrise Peeking Through the Trees”
  • Erika Groshell, 6th grade, CKMS – Literature/Poem: “The Little Big Things”
  • Tate Kelton James, 5th grade, SES – Literature/Poem: “Imagine a World Without You”
  • Tate Kelton James, 5th grade, SES – Photography: “Shady”
  • Anna Jeans, 3rd grade, CVES – Dance Choreography: “Imagine”
  • Talie Jones, 2nd grade, SES – Photography: “Lines”
  • Sabrina Jordan, 4th grade, FCES – Visual Arts: “Magical Narwal”
  • Sabrina Jordan, 4th grade, FCES – Visual Arts: “Creativity Flies”
  • Mia Lichtenberger, 1st grade, SES – Visual Arts: “Enchanted Garden”
  • Rahul Mathew, 1st grade, CVES – Music Composition: “Feeling Strong, Feeling Happy”
  • Elaina Miller, 4th grade, SES – Music Composition: “The Mysterious Ocean Wonders”
  • Ainsley Moreland, 5th grade, FCES – Photography: “Petals of Imagination”
  • Tanner Nelson, 4th grade, FCES – Photography: “Flight in the Forest”
  • Audrey Newbrey-Smith, 4th grade, SES – Literature/Short Story: “Keeper”
  • Josie Schlotfeldt, 4th grade, FCES – Literature/Poem: “I Imagine My Day”
  • Alexis Shapiro, 4th grade, SES – Dance Choreography: “This is My Fight Song”
  • Makenzie Stinson, 3rd grade, FCES – Visual Arts: “Wild and Free”
  • Grace Turley, 5th grade, FCES – Visual Arts: “In My Dreams…”
  • Grace Turley, 5th grade, FCES – Literature/Short Story: “Quail Quest”
  • Grayci Wagner, 6th grade, CKMS – Film Production: “Anti-Bullying”
Featured below are the award-winning Snoqualmie Valley entries from the visual arts and photography categories:
Visual Art 1
 “Magical Narwal” by  Sabrina Jordan
 Artwork 2
 “Sunrise Peeking Through the Trees” by  Cindy Dong 
Photo #3
"Flight in the Forest", photo by Tanner Nelson
Artwork 4
"Imagination Bird" by Payton Beebe
 Artwork 5
 "Enchanted Garden" by Mia Lichtenberger
Photo 6
"Lines" photo by Talie Jones
Artwork 7
"Imagine the Possibilities" by Maddie Beck
Photo 8
"Petals of Imagination" photo by Ainsley Moreland
Artwork 9
"Creativity Flies" by Sabrina Jordan
 Photo 10
"Shady" photo by Tate Kelton Jones
 Artwork 11
 "Life" by Katelyn Bevens
Photo 12
"Driftwood Daisy" photo by Analize Chiu
Artwork 13   Photo 14  
 Artwork 15
"Wild and Free" by Makensie Stinson (left); "A Pilot of the Sky" photo by Makena Daniels (center);
"In My Dreams..." by Grace Turley (right)