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Seven SVSD Teachers Awarded Grants from School Retirees

The East-King School Retirees’ Association, a unit of the Washington State School Retirees’ Association, recently awarded mini-grants (ranging up to $200) to seven teachers in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

Congratulations to the following educators and their students who will benefit:

  • At Fall City Elementary, Librarian Meg Handy received $200 to purchase additional books for the library.
  • At Snoqualmie Elementary, Preschool Teacher Erin Siebert was awarded $175 to purchase books to use for preschool children with special needs. Also, Special Education Teacher Ali Paredes received $200 to purchase Wiggle Seats for her students with a variety of disabilities.
  • At Mount Si High School, Counselor Elaine Maimon received $99 to attend a seminar on Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents put on by PESI, an organization focused on mental health continuing education.
  • For the Parent Partnership Program, Teacher Alexandra Clark received $195 to purchase copies of three novels for students, while Teacher Samantha Randalls received $200 to purchase 12 scientific calculators for use by students in grades 6-10 in math and science.
  • At Two Rivers School, Teacher Elise Cooksley (a previous grant awardee) received $195 to purchase supplies to expand the school’s raised garden bed project.

In total the association awarded $2000 dispersed among 12 educators in east King County to use to supplement their programs, seven of which will benefit Snoqualmie Valley students. Applications were available to teachers in six school districts in November, with a February 12 due date. The grant selection committee considered the following criteria for awarding the grants: need, the number of students the grant will benefit, whether or not the benefit will be on-going, and the clarity and specificity of the request.

“As many of the mini-grants as possible were presented at staff meetings so as to honor the care, time and effort the grantees put into applying on behalf of their students,” explained Shirlee Hall, EKSRA Mini-Grant Chairperson.

SES Teachers receiving grants


Snoqualmie Elementary teachers Ali Paredes (left) and Erin Seibert (center) 
received classroom grants from the East King School Retirees Association,
during a March 8 staff meeting.