Canoeing on Lake Crescent

Posted by Owen W. on 6/1/2016 4:35:00 PM

Leaving the dock


Today we got our backpacks and went down to the canoe house where we got our paddles and life jackets and we got in the canoes! We went to Pyramid Peak after a 15 minute paddle. While there we saw an old mining tunnel and a little parking dock and the trees were parted to make this tunnel by the Native Americans. We tried go in and don't make it. Then we went to a little creek and it was little small but it had half of the lake's water in it. Which is really cool! We counted how many paddles it took from the creek back to the dock and it took exactly a 160. After we came back we hiked for a bit in the forest. It was a long day. We set up traps also that we're going to check tomorrow to see which have captured the most bugs.


by Owen W. from 5F