Our canoe trip

Posted by Logan S. on 6/2/2016 8:45:00 AM

Yesterday my group took an exciting canoe ride. First we had to talk about how we were going to canoe. When we first left the dock the water was pretty calm. Then we all started to get tired from rowing. We took a few breaks but kept going and rounded a lot of corners in the lake. Finally we made it to Harrison Point where we had lunch. When we were done with lunch we stowed the canoe and hiked an old train track trail. Then Martin (our NatureBridge teacher) had us climb a really steep hill. At the top we stopped. We looked down there was a cave. We slid in one at a time and it was pitch black. We could see big square pieces of wood in the cave and by clinging to them we finally got through the cave. At the end Martin explained it was a train tunnel and they had blown it shut with dynamite multiple times long ago. We hiked back, got on the canoe, and headed back to camp. When we went back we had white caps on the lake and we had to work harder than ever. That was it!



by Logan S. from 5M