NatureBridge: Day 2

Posted by Abigail Bien on 5/31/2017 5:45:00 PM

Today we went on a hike to Marymeer Falls and when we were there we got to take a bunch of pictures. Then our instructor told us the story of how Marymeer Falls was created. Then we came back to camp and did the Skin and Skulls lab where we had to observe a skull and make guesses about what different parts of the skull were and identify the animal. We also did a Spaced Out Hike were you walked by yourself along a trail, read cards our instructor put out that listed short activities to do like identify five things you could hear. It was really peaceful and kinda nice to just be with yourself. We also played a game called Meet a Tree where people had to smell and touch a tree then have someone else spin you around and the you had to identify the same tree again. It was a lot of fun. NatureBridge is a blast so far.


by Natalie S. (from 5F)


Skulls and Skin Lab

Getting ready for Storm King

Lunchtime on Storm King!