Fun times at NatureBridge

Posted by Abigail Bien on 6/1/2017 5:45:00 AM

Today was another busy day. We played this game kind of like Red Light Green Light but you were trying to keep the traffic cop from spotting the slug we were hiding. It was a stuffed animal slug. We also hiked Marymere Falls and saw the waterfall there. It was pretty cool. After the waterfalls we went back to our cabin for a little bit and played. We also did a solo trail walk were we followed a path our instructional leader laid out and looked at the scenery. My favorite part of camp has been hanging out with my friends and getting to sleep in a cabin with them. I'm excited for our campfire tonight and not ready to go home yet.


by Ben (from 5G)


River table exploration with Kelsey

Adaptation Auction

Lunch on Storm King with Tyler