First, make sure Kami extenstion has been loaded into Chrome.  To check that it is loaded, once synced, click the icon that looks like a puzzle piece and look for Kami on the list.  If Kami is not on the list, follow the steps here.  



First you must open the assignment by clicking on the  "Open assignment with Kami" button.  Important: do not open the assignment link. Instead, click on the Kami button next to the assignment.  The button will look like this: 


Turn in your assignment: click “Turn in” in the upper right. Then click “Turn in” again.  Then click “Submit.”


Tip #1: In case of technical difficulties during class, do all work on paper, take a photo of the work, and submit the photo to Schoology using the submit button found with each assignment.


 Tip #2: When in a Kami assignment, to zoom in for more space to write, touch two fingers to the screen and spread them apart – just like you would zoom in on a photo on a cell phone.