Health, Fitness, & Fine Arts

Health and Fitness
Students will…
· Demonstrate skills and knowledge to reduce health risks and safely maintain a healthy life.

Ways you can help…
· Walk, hike, jog, or bicycle together.
· Have your child plan meals using the food pyramid.
· Discuss ways germs can be transmitted, and ways to prevent it.
· Discuss transportation safety issues.
· Brainstorm how to cope with stress.
· Discuss how media messages sometimes encourage people to make unhealthy decisions

Fine Arts
Students wil
· Create, perform, and respond through art.

Ways you can help…
· Sing with your child. Discover high, medium, low, and repeated sounds.
· Attend a school music performance.
· Explore phrases such as “I’m feeling blue”. Create a work of art using many variations of that color.
· Encourage your child to make sketches of shadows.
· Encourage your child to create artwork to be given as gifts.
· Write new lyrics to a familiar song.