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Students will receive a folder that will travel between home and school daily. The folder will also be used for other school work and communication (fliers) purposes. The planner sheet should also come home at night and be returned to school the next day signed. This is our communication tool.

Homework will consist of reading for 20 minutes a day at home. The other part of nightly homework will be practicing math flashcards and facts and a math worksheet. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to email me or call me. The math worksheet will be reviewing the lesson we have covered that day in class. Students will also get a packet of 3 ELA foundational skills (spelling/vocab) worksheets on Monday and they will be due the next Monday.

Occasionally, 4th graders will be given projects to work on at home and present to the class. Projects will include: a biography 3D model, Turkey in Disguise, culture project, and a totem pole project.  Plenty of notice and instructions will be given for each.